MMoren YJCon th
e Young Judo Club 


                                                                                                               More on the Young Judo Club

Text Box: Est. 1957
youngjudoclub@gmail.com ibfbcsa@gmail.com
Tel: 01795 437124/426784 Mobile: 07074 200150
127 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4BL


Text Box: Young Judo Club Coaches are: 
Health & Safety Conscious 
First Aid Trained
CRB Police Checked
Fully insured with Professional Indemnity 
Fully Insured for Public Liabilities
Dan-Grade Black Belt


Text Box: We aim to teach
Physical Fitness
Self Discipline
Respect for others
Help with Confidence
Philosophy of Jigaro Kano


Text Box: A Beginner will develop:
Basic Judo Techniques
Basic Physical Fitness
Judo Etiquette
Intermediate Judoka will develop:
Intermediate Judo Techniques
Greater Physical Fitness
Realisation that Judo is a Martial Art as well as a grappling sport
Competition Preparation
Advanced Judoka will develop
Advanced Judo Techniques
Greater Physical Fitness
Competition Preparation
Competition Level Physical Fitness
Greater Self Discipline
Olympic Sportsmanship

Judo is more than just a sport or Martial Art, it is a means of Physical and Cultural
Attainment” in other words “it is a way of producing better human beings”

Jigaro Kano Founder of Judo