Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne


Evacuation procedure for the purpose of Swale Martial Arts Club Hire as follows


1)                The Dojo has 2 exits either end of the Dojo

2)                The Dojo is on the first floor

3)                Rear Exit is down a flight of stairs into an open walk way

4)                From walk way exit from here to the front of the building

5)                The rear exit is the nearest to changing rooms and toilets

6)                The front exit is down a flight of stairs existing into East Street

7)                Both Lower Doors have Fire extinguishers and both exit doors in Dojo have fire extinguishers. Fire Alarm is in place.

8)                Assembly point is near the Lay by at the front of ALDI where a register can be taken

9)                Emergency Vehicles will be the front of the building in East street

10)           Each Hirer must have nominated person to supervise Evacuation of Premises

11)           These points are given to the hirer upon their first letting and written notice of these procedures will be posted in the building



Martin Clarke