Competition Risk Assessment For Outside Venue


It is the policy of The Club to:


Provide, so far as reasonably practical, safe methods of training, safe training and competing

conditions and a healthy environment assessing the risks inherent in the training and

competing in Grapplings.


There is a clear and legal duty of each and every person, while coaching, training or

competing, to take reasonable care for the health and safety of his or herself and of all other

persons who may be affected by his or her acts or omissions; and to co-operate with the Club

and the Safety Advisors in any way necessary, to enable the Club to perform and comply with

any duty or requirement under the regulations affecting Health & Safety and Welfare. This

will include the use of equipment in a safe manner, and their own personal hygiene.


To be completed in all cases before commencement of competition.


Name, position of person compiling assessment & date:


















Venue address:


































Name of venue Health & Safety or Risk Assessment Officer:






















Dependedent on the size of the competition, it may be necessary to


establish a "Chain of Command". Is their a need for a Safety Officer, a


Fire officer or any other official to control or advise spectators and / or


competitors? If so, enter their names and titles below:


































Are you familiar with any fire or Health & Safety procedures relevant to


the venue? If not, what actions have you taken?






















Is first aid supplied by the venue? If not, what actions have been taken?






















Electrical equipment: If there are any portable electrical appliances,


have they been tested regularly, and does a visual check show any


signs of deterioration? What actions, if necessary, have been taken?






















Competition area: Is the competition area clean? Are there any objects


around the area that could cause injury? If there are, have they been


protected with adequate soft coverings? Are the edges of the area free


from refuse, empty drink bottles etc? Is there an adequate safety area


for the competitors? If not, what actions have been taken?






















Spectators area: Is there adequate seating for the amount of spectators


expected? Are any necessary signs, prominently displayed? Has a safety


officer been appointed, who if necessary can advise spectators etc?






















Match Officials: Is the an adequate number of competition officials to


ensure the safety of the competitors? Have they been correctly trained?


 If required, do they have adequate levels of insurance? If not,


what actions have been taken?






















Competitors: Do all competitors have their own personal injury


insurance? Do any of them have disabilities you or any of the other


officials should be aware of? Do any actions need to be taken?