Swale Martial Arts Club and all affiliated club


1.      The Club will investigate all complaints without prejudice and with due regard to the obligation upon the Club to ensure natural justice.


2.      There should be an attempt to resolve most complaints at the lowest level


3.      Where it is not possible to resolve an issue at a lower level, complaints should be sent in writing along with the name and address of the person making the complaint to:  The Chairman, Swale Martial Arts Club 127 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4BL.The Chairmen will ensure that all complaints are resolved or investigated thoroughly by a Complaints & Conduct (C&C) Investigator.


4.      All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and, where possible, the name of the complainant will not be divulged. 


5.      All complaints of a child protection nature will be referred to the Club Child Protection Officer for investigation and appropriate action.  See the  Child Protection policy for details.


6.      The result of the investigation will be forwarded to an adjudication panel composed of not less than three members of the  Committee who were not previously aware of the specifics of the case for a decision.  The person against whom the complaint is being made will have the opportunity to submit a written defence or may also appear in person or send a representative to make a personal representation.  Due to the nature of the C&C adjudication meetings and the logistical difficulties that can be involved it should be noted that there will be one date offered for a personal hearing.  The person against whom the complaint is being made can then elect to attend, to not attend, or to send a representative.  If the person against whom the complaint is being made elects to attend they may also bring a legal representative or companion to the hearing.  The time allotted to each verbal statement will be not more than 20 minutes.


7.      The decision will be communicated to the person making the complaint as well as the person against whom the complaint has been made.


8.      An appeal may be made against the decision of the C&C Adjudication Panel to a panel comprised of not less than three members of the  Committee.  The appeal must be made in writing to The Chairman , within seven days of the decision being advised, giving the basis on which the appeal is made (grounds of appeal).  .  Please note that the panel of Board members will decide in advance whether or not the appeal is submitted with suitable grounds of appeal, and may dismiss the appeal if the grounds are not sufficient to justify a formal appeal.


9.      Please note that an appeal can only be accepted if it is submitted on time, includes all required information, and includes adequate grounds of appeal.










1)         All complaints shall be received in confidence.


2)         Only complaints received in writing, complete with name, address and signature of the person(s) making the complaint will be accepted for investigation.  This does not apply to complaints involving any issue of a child protection nature.


3)         Anonymous and verbal only complaints will generally be disregarded.  This is solely at the discretion of the Chairman of the C&C Panel.


Details to include:


A)        Name(s) of person(s) making the complaint.

B)        Is she/he/they members of SMAC.

C)        Name(s) of Person(s) / Group(s) against whom the complaint is being made.

D)        Is she/he/they members of the WGA,YJC, SJS

E)        Nature / details of the complaint.

F)         Report of investigations.

G)        Decision/penalty made.

H)        Copies of letters sent to all involved parties advising of decision.