Session Risk Assessment.

This is to be done before each lesson


There is a clear and legal duty of each and every person, while coaching, training or watching, to take reasonable care for the Health & Safety of his or herself and of all other persons who may be affected by his or her acts or omissions; and to co-operate with the Academy and its safety advisors, to enable it to perform and comply with any duty or requirement under the regulations affecting Health & Safety and Welfare. This will include the use of equipment in a safe manner, and their own personal hygiene.


The supervisor or senior coach will be responsible for the implementation of the Health & Safety Policy.


To achieve this objective, the supervisor or senior coach will ensure that the following Risk Assessment takes place before the commencement of any training:


1.     Safe access to and egress from the training hall.


         Are all stairways and walkways clear, clean and free from obstruction?

         Are fire doors and emergency exits appropriately marked?


2.     The safety of the training area.


         Is the training area clean and free from obstruction?

         Are all floor mats and / or coverings in good condition and free from tears, cuts or slits?

         Are all areas adjacent to the training area clear of obstructions, e.g. foot wear, water bottles, tables and chairs etc?


3.     The safety & suitability of training equipment.


         If there is any training equipment to be used, is it in a safe and suitable condition for the exercises it will be used for?

         Will it be used for the purpose it was designed for?


4.     Coaching & teaching.


         Do all coaches and teaching personnel meet the required standard as laid down by British SAMBO Federation guidelines?


5.     First aid.


         Will there be some-one trained in basic first aid present?

         Is the first aid box adequately stocked, complete with accident book?


After Assessment sign confirmation in Diary


All instances MUST be reported to the Health & Safety Officer. If any of the above conditions cannot be met, training MUST NOT go ahead, until any issues have been rectified.


Colin Carrott

Health & Safety Officer.